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This module is available and ready to use in the following applications: Qano PRO, Qano TEC

A well-designed dispatch system gives technicians autonomy while keeping them precisely informed of the tasks to be carried out and following them up. The same system allows dispatchers to be aware of the tasks to be carried out by technicians and to offer a professional service to customers.


All our processes are entirely tailored to your needs, here are some functions that we could adapt to your operations:

Employees / Technicians

- Project management
(adapted to your business: types, statuses, states)
- Activity management
- Appointment management
- Dispatching (TEC)
- Document generation
(purchase orders, work orders, shipping labels, invoices)
- Service recurrence
(frequency, period)
- Timer
- Customer satisfaction
(vote, Google, poll)
- Billing
(payments, reminders)
- Cost management (POD)

Office (dispatcher)

- Mass dispatch
- Access to work orders in real-time
- View by list or on a map
- High-performance filter system
- Alerts and notifications
- Prioritization/ordering


- Customer notifications
- Required confirmations
- Satisfaction

Automate your operations

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